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22-29 Elul | Thoughts

09/24/2022 09:43:15 AM


22 Elul, 5782 | September 18, 2022
Rabbi Simone Shickler

When I think of what is personally healing - I think of meditation and chant. I am especially inspired by the work and compositions of Rabbi Shefa Gold. She has many chants, including one she wrote called “Preparation for Healing”, which draws inspiration from Psalm 27, the psalm of Elul. She writes:

Atah Ozi
Atah Chayai
Atah Ori
Atah...

15-21 Elul | Thoughts

09/16/2022 03:35:56 PM


15 Elul, 5782 | September 11, 2022
Rabbi Glenn Ettman

The Talmud teaches that we "must first improve ourselves, then seek to inspire others to improve themselves." (Baba Metzia 107b). Socrates reminds us, "An unexamined life is not worth living." The entire month of Elul challenges...Read more...

8-14 Elul | THoughts

09/09/2022 03:54:16 PM


8 Elul, 5782 | September 4, 2022
Rabbi Batsheva Appel

One of the things that I like about knitting is that it is possible to fix mistakes invisibly, to carefully, stitch by stitch, undo and redo the fabric so that the repair is undetectable. That is not always possible, but when it is,...Read more...


09/02/2022 12:24:25 PM


The Hebrew month of Elul is the last month of the Jewish year. As such, it is considered a month of spiritual preparation for the High Holy Days. Special meditations are added to the daily service for some, known as S’lichot, or penitential prayers. (*The Saturday before Rosh Hashanah is...Read more...

A Note From our Clergy on the High Holidays

08/31/2022 09:15:13 AM


Welcome home, dear friends. For two and a half years, we have been caught in a whirlwind where change and adaptation were the only constants in our lives leaving us feeling rocked to our foundations. Now, as the year turns to 5783, we are beginning again and building strong foundations to sustain ourselves and our sacred community.

Now is the time to come home to Temple Israel. To find...Read more...

Fri, September 30 2022 5 Tishrei 5783