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july 12 to 18  donations

General Donation Fund

Kevee Kirshenbaum in Memory of Myrna Kirshenbaum

Joanie and Marty Lehr Presidential Discretionary Fund

Tammy and Carl Birnberg in Honor of the Birth of Joanie Lehr’s Great Granddaughter

Rabbi Azriel Fund for Jewish Professionals

Miles Remer in memory of Richard Self

Rabbi Azriel Youth Engagement Fund

Rosalie Greenspan in Memory of Maurice Greenspan

Rabbi Berezin Discretionary Fund

Barb Widman in Memory of Stan Widman

Rabbi Stoller Discretionary Fund

Ellen and Bob Gordman in Memory of Brandon Thomas

Sol and Jeanette Krizelman Social Justice Fund

Sheldon and Trish Krizelman in Memory of Sol Krizelman

Sylvia and Jerry Kaiman Adult Education Fund

Sheila Tomps in Honor of Jerry Kaiman’s Birthday












Sun, July 25 2021 16 Av 5781