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Why consider a bequest or other planned gifts to Temple Israel?
By including Temple Israel in your will or estate plan, you can ensure that the Temple’s programs continue for future generations of children and families. At Temple Israel, that future means a place where Jewish values and Jewish continuity is reinforced. Where our youth and families are nurtured in Jewish education and celebrations. Where we come together as a community for cultural, spiritual and social functions. As the Talmud teaches, “As our parents planted for us before we were born, so do we plant for those who will come after us.”

Our Foundation
The first Jewish settlers, mostly merchants and businessmen, arrived in Omaha in 1856. Eleven men founded the Congregation of Temple Israel, the first in Nebraska, in January 1871. Following tradition, they immediately formed a burial society and established a cemetery in order to provide ritual services to the fledgling Jewish community. They envisioned a home in which they could worship, educate their children and provide a cultural environment. Today, we are reaping the fruit of the investment of time, energy and money of our founding families and the many generous and hardworking members who followed them. Temple Israel has grown to a mid-sized Reform congregation, the only one serving the Omaha area as a house of worship, learning and community through the lifecycles of its members.

In over 100 years of existence Temple Israel has been blessed with stability and continuity in our partnership between professional and lay leadership. Temple Israel has been recognized nationally for its innovative educational programs and award-winning social action work.

Securing Our Promise for Future Generations
At Temple Israel, that future means a place where Jewish values and Jewish continuity is reinforced. Where our youth and families are nurtured in Jewish education and celebrations.

Our congregation has grown to well beyond the eleven founding families in 1871, yet it really is no different than it was almost 150 years ago. Sitting beside us in the sanctuary, donning the walls of our synagogue and running through the hallways of our Religious School are our “minyans.” Each one of us enters our building to see an extension of our family; the place where we were inspired by rabbis, blessed by our parents and proud to raise our children. We enter our sacred space and we see the people we represent. At Temple Israel, we are their legacy and they are ours.

We are excited to announce the creation of the Legacy Program. Our Legacy Program was created to ensure that we pass this tradition of vitality and financial stability onto the future Reform Jews in Omaha, Nebraska.

Speak to a Temple Israel representative today!
Nate Shapiro: 402-556-6536,
Jon Meyers: 402-290-1999,

We would like to recognize the generosity of those Temple Israel members who have already agreed to leave a Life & Legacy gift to Temple Israel:

Joyce Ashley
Rabbi Aryeh & Elyce Azriel
Rabbi Josh & Carrie Brown
Sharon Comisar-Langdon
Justin Cooper
Arthur Davidson
Betsy Davidson
Pam & Dennis DePorte
Mel Epstein
Judy & James Farber
Toby Fellman
Alan Fredricks
Arlene Fredricks
Joanne & Jerry Freeman
Robyn & Robert Freeman
Lloyd D. & Lois N. Friedman Trust
Sarah & Dan Gilbert
David Gilinsky & Katherine Finnegan
Andi Goldstein
Barbara & Gary Goldstein
Dora Goldstrom
Mark Goldstrom
Andie Gordman & Dan Fitzgerald
Mace Hack
Mendy & Michael Halsted
Debbi Josephson
Sally & Gary Kaplan
Randal Langdon
Joanie Lehr
Sandy & John Lehr
Bonnie & Steve Levinger
Felicia & Scott Littky
Dan Marburg
Denise & Jon Meyers
Sue Meyers
Tina & Joe Meyers
Robert Y. Meyerson
Jamie & Troy Meyerson
Mary-Beth & Bruce Muskin
Robert E. Newman
Sharee & Murray Newman
Phyllis Newman
Susan R. Norton
Margo Parsow
Vicki Perlmeter
Paul Rabinovitz
Gretchen & David Radler
Iris & Marty Ricks
Jane & Harlan Rips
Silvia Roffman
Susan Rothholz
Jeffrey Schrager & Anne York Family Foundation
Jeff Schweid
Cantor Wendy Shermet & Len Burrell
Andrea & Michael Siegel
Debi & Jeff Smedlund
Dorothy Spizman
Rabbi A. Brian Stoller
Louri Sullivan
Rosie Zweiback &  Mace Hack

Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784