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Congregations thrive on the contributions and services of clergy, professional staff and active volunteer leaders. Being a synagogue leader is a privilege as well as an obligation. Our task is to work in harmony with other leaders, whether they are clergy, professional staff or volunteers, to build, develop and maintain a well-run, spiritually fulfilling congregation where the sacred informs the practical and the practical creates the sacred.

Congregational leaders navigate some of the most basic, and essential, areas of congregational life and governance including long range planning, budgets and fundraising, leadership development, staffing and staff relations, bylaws, policies, legal issues and mergers, and transitions and dissolutions.

Temple Israel Bylaws | Policies | COVID-19 Policy

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

President Dan Gilbert
President-Elect Troy Meyerson
Vice Presidents Susie Norton & Geoff Silverstein
Secretary Justin Cooper
Presidential Appointee Sally Kaplan &Wendy Hamilton  
Past President Andie Gordman
Treasurer Jeff Smedlund 


Gil Dysico
Tamara Draeger
Dani Howell
Lester Katz
Brandon Koom
Stan Krieger
Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lucoff
Joseph Pinson
Jeff Platt
Marti Poulos
Ariella Rohr
Abby Friedland
Ilene Arnold 
Sara Cowan

Councils & Committees

Our council system was established in 2003 to promote collaboration, integration and communication among committees. Councils provide vision and tools to address mutual concerns of committees at Temple Israel.

Finance Council
The Finance Council reviews the financial needs of the congregation, recommends investments, and presents the fiscal reports to the Board and the congregation.

  • Budget Committee projects the temple’s annual income and expenses, and makes periodic reports about synagogue income and expenditures to the Board for approval. 

  • Development and Planned Giving coordinates and administers the various funds of the synagogue, and enlists the support of the congregation for planned giving efforts. 

  • Dues Equalization reviews the individual dues adjustments and assessments, and makes recommendations. 

  • Investment Committee oversees the investments of the congregation.

Synagogue Management

  • Archive Committee is responsible for maintaining Temple Israel’s archives. Contact: Joseph Pinson

  • Building and Grounds Committee supervises the building, grounds, and equipment maintenance and updates, as well as the use of the synagogue’s facilities. Contact: John Waldbaum

  • Bylaw and Policy Committee reviews and recommends amendments and changes to the bylaws and policies as needed.

  • Cemetery Committee oversees the administration of the cemetery. Contact: Mel Epstein

  • Leadership Development plans ways to identify, train, and motivate new leaders. 

  • Long Range Planning assures the continuity of the congregation by articulating a vision to address congregational needs and meet challenges.

  • Nominating Committee recommends individuals to serve as officers and trustees, subject to congregational and Board approval. 

  • Personnel Practices writes and supervises the synagogue’s personnel practices code, and recommends salaries and benefits for the staff. Contact: Andie Gordman and Troy Meyerson

Education Council
The Education Council coordinates all Jewish education, including early childhood, Religious School, informal youth, family education, adult learning and the library onsite.

  • Religious School Steering Committee recommends and/or sets policy, reviews the activities of the Religious School and oversees its operation and participates in the supervision of the Religious School Coordinator. 

Synagogue and Outreach Council
The Synagogue and Outreach Council provides programming, vision and tools to that welcome, integrate, and enhance the Temple experience for members.

  • Caring Committee provides mutual help and support networks to congregants facing illness and crises and furthers the models for full inclusion of all Jews—regardless of their sexual orientation, age, or disability—in the community. Contact: Susie Norton

  • Membership Committee solicits the membership of all eligible persons, welcomes new and potential members to the community, and is responsible for membership retention. 

  • Social Justice Committee finds ways to get involved and fulfill our obligation to repair the world through mitzvot, education and advocacy. Contact: Geoff Silverstein 

  • Racial Justice Initiative educates and engages the Temple Israel congregation to reflect on and work towards dismantling racial bias, systemic racism, and white supremacy within our congregation, so that we can then engage and support broader change in our community and our nation.

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782