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Civil Rights Journey Trip 2023

Teens will travel December 1-4 for a CIVIL RIGHTS JOURNEY with Rabbi Deana Sussman Berezin and Director of Education, Jennie Gates Beckman. The group will fly in and out of Atlanta, GA and take a bus to other locations including Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma, AL. Participants will need to miss 1-2 days of school, but we can write letter to attest to the educational value of this trip. 

More information on the itinerary is yet to come, but we will be departing early in the morning on Friday, December 1 and returning late on Monday, December 4. 

"History comes to life while we walk in the footsteps of the thousands of ordinary citizens who put their lives on the line to fight for racial freedom and justice."

Teens will look forward to four days of being immersed in the profound history of the civil rights movement, witnessing firsthand the places where pivotal events occurred in order to gain a deeper understanding of the struggle for equality. Our group will:
  • Experience interactive exhibits, guided tours, and encounters with activists whose inspiring narratives serve as powerful reminders of the resilience, courage, and determination displayed by all those who fought for equality.
  • Gain valuable insights into the social, political, and cultural context of the civil rights era as we explore the complexities of the movement, in order to better understand its challenges, triumphs, and ongoing impact on society
  • Engage with diverse communities and learn from their experiences, in order to foster a deeper understanding of the ongoing fight for equality and justice and to develop a greater
  • Learn a sense of empathy, empowering us to become advocates for positive change in our own lives and communities
  • Bond and grow in relationship with classmates and teachers while enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of the American South.
This trip is being planned in conjunction with two other Midwest Reform congregations and an important objective is to build connection between the three communities of teens. Our clergy and educators are giving input to craft the experience with expert trip provider Tzedek America ​​​.

An enormous thank you as this trip is subsidized with generous funding from the Shirley and Leonard Goldstein Supporting Foundations and the Staenberg Family Foundation Anything Grant.

Please register to attend by September 13. 

Finances should never be a barrier to participation at Temple Israel. If you need financial assistance, please reach out to Rabbi Berezin at to discuss. 
Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784