December 25 - 31 Donations

Brad Sperling Memorial Fund for Education of Young Children

  • Patricia Mogil in Memory of Ethel Mogil

Caring Fund

  • Andie Gordman and Dan Fitzgerald in Memory of Milton Glazer

Education Fund

  • Barbara Frohman and Terri and Dick Zacharia in Memory of Milton Glazer

Endowment Fund

  • Jill and Mike Erman and Lisa Lewis in Memory of Milton Glazer
  • Sissy Silber in Memory of Louis Katelman

Music Fund

  • Sally Clayman, Carol and Edward Schneider and Jeff Schweid in Memory of Eileen Remer
  • Dora Goldstrom and George Walker in Honor of Jayne Ruback‚Äôs Recovery

Rabbi Stoller Discretionary Fund

  • Andrea and Mike Seigel in Memory of Milton Glazer
  • Susie and Jim Silverman in Memory of Ruth Erman
  • Herschel and Lilly Stoller in Honor of Asher and Sara Stoller and Family




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